Ocean Park Standoff Interview

A few weeks ago, Ocean Park Standoff had their first North American tour. Their debut album, “The Ride,” has been a hit among indie music fans around the world, and the band received wide acclaim for their live performances. Having heard so much love for Ocean Park Standoff and the new single “Good Things” off of “The Ride,” I decided to take a break from my normal writing duties to interview the band about their tour, their music and what the future holds for them.

I was able to catch up with vocalist/songwriter Samantha Ronson and guitarist/songwriter Pete Nappi before they took the stage in Montreal during their sold out show at L’Astral. Here are some snippets of our conversation:

Q: What motivated you to put together this tour and why did you choose Canada as one of your stops?

A: We were really excited to get out on the road with this project! It’s been a dream come true to be able to bring some of our new music directly to our fans all over North America in an intimate setting. Canada has always been a great market for us and we felt like it was right time to come down here and share our music with people – especially considering that a lot of our Swedish relatives live up here so it made it even more special! Plus there is nothing quite like connecting with audiences on a personal level through performing live shows. We believe that when you have good songs but also can translate them effectively in a live setting that is when things get extra crazy for an artist’s career trajectory!

Q: You released your first single “Good Things” back in April 2018. Can you tell me what influenced you when writing that song?
This is such an awesome question because we had been sitting on this song for months before we finally put it out last year – so many moments molded this song into what it ended up becoming! It starts off kind of whimsical with its ethereal feel which was heavily inspired by bands like Cocteau Twins & Jesus & The Mary Chain. At its core, however this track looks at how far one person can go by themselves without feeling depleted or overwhelmed by the world around them – sorta like having that glimmer of hope when everything else seems immovable around you….so yeah lotsa different influences blended into one intense moment hahahaha!

Q: What message do you want your audience members to take away from each performance?
For us as musicians these live experiences have become so important as forms of self expression as well as entertainment – translating energy between musicians & crowds are key elements when trying to evoke emotion within a live scenario. So ultimately what we strive for is leave people with something memorable whether that be a feeling or simply just enjoying themselves plus finding solace in some form through our performance – Ultimately we want this experience to be whatever folks need it become in those moments..sharing something positive together while united under one roof – ultimately being entertained abides us even respect forth each other haha !

Q: What can fans expect from Ocean Park Standoff going forward?
Ahh-HAH-ha!! Well there will definitely be tons more inspiring music coming soon!! We love blending electronic elements with rock sounds so expect hybrids that reflect Nappa’s production sensibilities coupled alongside some classic rock infused guitar solos + emotive synth textures galore!! Beyond music there are already collaborations with apparel & lifestyle companies as well video content series rolling out !! But most importantly after releasing “The Ride” album back in January we have been working towards performing free acoustic shows from time-to-time just whenever opportunities arise…so keep an eye out!!

There you have it folks—an inside look at Ocean Park Standoff’s tour and what they’re working on next. Impressive originality flows freely through every aspect of their work, including the way they perform their sets. Whether through creative costumes or enthusiastic crowd interactions—up close or afar—Ocean Park Standoff knows how to captivate listeners old, new, young and young at heart.