Echosmith – Over My Head

The new single, “Over My Head” by American pop rock band Echosmith has arrived – and it’s a gift! After firmly settling into the mainstream music industry with their 2014 hit song “Cool Kids” from their debut album ‘Talking Dreams,’ Echosmith continues pushing forward and releasing music which stays true to their classic sound. With their new single, “Over My Head,” the band has just released one of the most uplifting and inspiring pieces of music out there right now.

If you love the classic sounds of Echosmith then you will definitely fall in love with this single. On first listen the song is instantly promising as it begins with gentle strumming by guitarist Jamie Sierota which quickly captures your attention and sets the tone for what’s ahead. Having been composed around a simple acoustic guitar, “Over My Head” provides listeners with an abundance of texture through vocalist Sydney Sierota’s melodic and thoughtful lyrics. Throughout the track Sydney encourages us to be strong amidst any hardships or troubles that life may throw our way no matter how overwhelming we might have perceived them to be: ‘It might feel like I’m standing underneath a mountain/even when I think everything runs dry/I’m gonna find a fountain’. These words are truly empowering and remind us that all our struggles can eventually bring forth something positive in our lives.

Alongside its powerful message, “Over My Head” also contains moments of musical productions which defines this single as one that can compete on today’s charts without being branded as overly formulaic. The incorporation of melancholic synths and distant strings help add impact to Sydney’s evocative lyrics during each chorus while subtle drum & bass keeps things moving smoothly throughout the track. This impressive blend allows this another reason why this track should stand out on any radio station or streaming service you may encounter it on.

Echosmith has produced two great pieces of work so far; however, they aimed higher in terms of emotion with complex blends like never before seen before in their genres-writing history! Everything about “Over My Head” screams inspiration – from its delicate production to its heartfelt vocal performance – making it one heck of an anthem-like song you’ll want to play over and over again whenever your hopes are low or your spirits need a lift up again . It’s clear that bands such as Echosmith might still be coming out with fresh content like never seen before ensuring that at least for some time more we’ll still have plenty more rocking tunes to look forward too!