New vaccine could help celiac disease sufferers eat gluten

“Gluten sensitivity” seems like a hilarious joke.

One your uncle with the bushy mustache, political shirt, and suspenders holding up his jeans may try to tell around the “adults” table during Thanksgiving dinner.

Those milennials and their silly sensitivities.


But celiac disease is no joke.

Sure, only about 1% of the US population suffers from it.

But those 1% of people have it pretty rough.

Not only can they not eat the most delicious breads…

But they also have to endure ridicule from jerks who think it’s cool to make fun of someone’s medical condition.

And very soon, that could change.

According to ABC News, a new vaccine is in development that could treat those suffering from the disease.

Meaning they could go back to eating all of those delicious carby foods they currently have to avoid.

The treatment’s super-catchy-and-not-at-all-mouthful name is “Nexvax 2”

It supposedly can change the body’s autoimmune response to no longer respond negatively when it encounters gluten.

Currently, the treatment is still in the trial phase.

And it has a long way to go before it gets FDA approval and sees widespread use.

But at least there’s hope!

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