The Bay Area Is Home To ‘The Best Coffee City’ In The United States!

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If you want to be surrounded by amazing coffee, you do not need to travel very far at all. Apartment Guide just did named the best ‘coffee cities’ in the United States and Berkeley claimed the number one spot! The study analyzed the amount of coffee shops per resident. Berkeley had the highest number of coffee shops per person with one coffee shop for every 2,073 people! San Francisco did not do too bad either, they have one coffee shop per 2,297 people. Unfortunately, San Jose did not make it to the top. 🙁 Here are the results from the study:

1. Berkeley, CA ( 1 per 2,073)

2. Vancouver, WA (1 per 2,224)

3. San Francisco, CA (1 per 2,297)

4. Seattle, WA (1 per 2,308)

5. Portland, OR (1 per 2,322)

6. Salt Lake City (1 per 2,387)

7. Minneapolis, MN (1 per 2,427)

8. Pittsburgh, PA (1 per 2,607)

9. Everett, WA (1 per 2,752)

10. Ann Arbor, MI (1 per 2,825)



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