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Mix 106 cares about the community we all live and work in!

Martha’s Kitchen
Martha’s Kitchen, based in San Jose, is on track to prepare a million meals every two years to serve the Bay Area needy. Martha’s Kitchen and Hunger at Home is hosting a SOLD-OUT benefit concert and reception to end hunger at the San Jose Fairmont on Friday, September 7th. You can find out other ways to help at

ALearn Silicon Valley Education Foundation is a nonprofit resource and advocate for students and educators. ASVEF is dedicated to putting all students on track for college and careers, focusing on the critical areas of (STEM) science, technology, engineering, and math. Find out more at

Almaden Valley Counseling Service
The Almaden Valley Counseling Service is a community-based, nonprofit counseling agency committed to meeting the mental health concerns of all ages with an emphasis on youth. AVCS supports and promotes personal growth, positive family relationships and emotional well-being.

“FLY” Fresh Lifelines for Youth
“FLY” is Fresh Lifelines for Youth, a nonprofit working to break the cycle of juvenile violence, crime, and incarceration.   They offer young people a chance to take their lives in a whole new direction. After being in FLY, they find the desire to change and have the support and skills to make change possible.  FLY serves ages 11 to 24 who are at risk of juvenile justice system involvement. More info at

Sacred Heart Community Service
Sacred Heart Community Service offers a housing program which helps people with financial assistance to prevent them from becoming homeless or to keep them stably housed. They assist with past-due rent and rental deposits.

Sunday Friends
Sunday Friends empowers families to break the generational cycle of poverty by fostering positive development in children while educating and guiding parents to support their children’s life success.  Children and parents work together to learn, earn and serve the community. Find out more about Sunday Friends at

HomeFirst Services
Tonight, there are over 7,000 homeless individuals living on the streets in Silicon Valley.  Join HomeFirst Services of Santa Clara County to end homelessness on Thursday, November 1st at their “In From the Cold” fundraiser. You can support this event by visiting

Need Help Paying Bills
Many people need help paying bills or debt. Or they need free items, such as food, clothes, or other supplies for their household. Families often need assistance so that they do not have to decide between paying their mortgage, credit card debt, food, rent, utility, or medical bills on a monthly basis. Need help paying your bills? Click here!

BayLegal’s mission is to provide meaningful access to the civil justice system through quality legal assistance.  For many, justice is not an abstract ideal. It is food, shelter, and protection. It is the difference between staying in poverty and getting out; between dependence and self-reliance. In the Bay Area, more than 1.2 million people live in poverty.



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