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Mix 106 cares about the community we all live and work in!

Silicon Valley Pet Project
Looking for a new family member?  Warm your heart and be part of the solution to save the life of an animal.  Silicon Valley Pet Project rescues dogs and cats from Silicon Valley’s largest shelter, the San Jose Animal Care Center. Find out more about this great organization and partner for Silicon Valley’s Next Top Pet at

The LGBTQ Youth Space
The LGBTQ Youth Space is a program of Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley and Caminar for Mental Health.  They are a community drop-in center and mental health program for the LGBTQ community for young adults ages 13-25, living in Santa Clara County.

Life Services Alternatives
Life Services Alternatives provides exceptional community living and programs for adults with disabilities.  Through personalized programs focused on skill-building, they care for and support adults with special needs in neighborhood homes in Santa Clara County. Learn more at

Pacific Autism Center for Education
Pacific Autism Center for Education (PACE) provides high-quality programs for children and adults with autism with a focus on communication. PACE is hosting a lawn party on Sunday, September 11th at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara. More information at

Sunday Friends
Sunday Friends offers programs to bring together very low-income families to work, learn, and earn together.   Family members engage in hands-on service and education. Family members earn “tickets”, the currency of Sunday Friends, redeemable for essential goods from the Treasure Chest.

Second Harvest Food Bank
Kids need nutritious food to grow up strong and healthy, but in Silicon Valley, families are sacrificing food for housing. That’s why Second Harvest’s campaign “For the Kids” is so critical. A record number of 87,000 kids are receiving assistance every month. But hunger in wealthy areas like Silicon Valley is often hidden, so people don’t realize that many of the kids they see aren’t getting the nutritious food they need to thrive. Donate today “For The Kids.”

Our Urban Forest
“Our Urban Forest” has a mission to cultivate a green and healthy Silicon Valley by engaging community members in the appreciation, protection, and maintenance of our urban ecosystem.  Find out how to convert your lawn into a more eco-friendly garden through the “lawn busters” program at

The In-Home Supportive Services program of Santa Clara County is designed to provide assistance to people need help to safely stay in their home. A wide variety of services are available and supported through local state and federal funding.



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