Cheesecake Factory’s free slice promotion ends in chaos

If you didn’t get your free Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake today…

You’re not alone.

According to Buzzfeed News, the promo was supposed to be celebrating the chain’s 40th anniversary. And on the surface, it seemed like a cool idea.

On December 5th only, if you order a cheesecake through DoorDash…

You get your slice for free.

Don’t get too excited.

If you’ve ever used DoorDash before, you already know how this all turned out.

Starting around 11:30am, Cheesecake Factory restaurants all over the country were swarmed with oblivious DoorDash drivers.

Within the first hour, nearly every location had run out of cake.

There were even reports that some Dashers got into fights.

Literally, no one was happy

Customers took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their frustrations…

But was it worth it?

All to no avail.

The whole thing turned into an absolute mess.

And literally NO ONE is happy with the result.

So basically, it turned into every experience with DoorDash ever.

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