A 7 year-old is the highest paid star on Youtube for 2018

YouTube celebrities are, more often than not, the worst.

From the obnoxious Paul brothers…

To whatever the heck PewDiePie is these days…

The website has churned out a pretty awful number of “celebrities.”

But there are still a few quality top-earning channels.

And the 2018 top earner on YouTube is… a 7 year old?

According to Forbes, YouTube released their list of the highest paid stars, and the top earner was a surprise.

His name is Ryan, and he reviews toys.

He’s 7 years old.

And his channel, Ryan ToysReview earned him upwards of $22 million.

Before you bust out the camera, keep in mind…

His parents literally quit their jobs to help their son with his channel.

And no matter how adorable your child is…

It’ll be hard to beat Ryan’s infectious smile and laughter.

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