“Play That Song” by Train

Train has released the first single from their upcoming album A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat, to be released on January 27, 2017. “Play That Song” samples the melody from “Heart and Soul” which most will remember from learning on the piano as a child or from the toy store scene in the movie, Big where Tom Hanks plays the song on a life size piano with Robert Loggia. When making the video, they took a page from Broadway musical numbers which had lead singer, Pat Monahan dancing in a fountain, up and down the stairs, then a park accompanied by roller skaters while he danced on a giant keyboard (a tip of the hat to the movie, Big). The idea was that the song puts Pat and everyone he comes in contact with to be in such a good mood creating a contagious feeling that by the end of the video everyone in town has joined him. The band says they just like that the song and video is a super fun, corny, and sweet song that just makes everyone smile! Definitely makes me smile, see if you have the same reaction to the video and song here! –Kirk

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