Mix 106 $5,000 Summer Song

One song, one decision!
All summer long, you will need to listen for one particular song!
From now until August 25th listen to Mix 106 weekdays from 6am-7pm for “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. When you hear it, be caller 9 at 1-800-499-1065 and get ready to make your decision. Do you choose to win $500 instantly or put your name in the drawing for the chance to win the $5,000 jackpot at the end of the summer?

The more people that go for the instant $500 means better odds to win the $5,000 if you choose to opt for the jackpot!
Currently there are only two people in the drawing for the grand prize of $5,000! That means if you call in and opt for the grand prize you’ll have a 33% chance of winning the $5,000!

What would you do?

Jackpot winner will be selected Friday, August 25th, 8am with Pope and Marla
See official contest rules for more information

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