“Chained To The Rhythm” by Katy Perry

When you first watch Katy Perry’s latest video “Chained to the Rhythm” you think it’s this fun video with lots of colors and visuals set around an amusement park. When watching it closer this video has some deeper meanings throughout.

This takes place in an amusement park called Oblivia and the park is surrounded by a white picket fence. Once inside the park you notice that everyone is dressed the same, walking the same, doing all the same things to keep up with social norms and fads. We document everything, we all strive for the American Dream, we all thrive for approval.

You first notice this on the roller coaster where boys are on the left and girls on the right, when their picture is taken the boy receives many more likes than the girl. This is showing how in life men and women can do the same exact thing but men get validated more referring to the wage gap currently in America. Other underlying meanings are the Bombs Away ride and cotton candy shaped like nuclear bomb explosions showing people are oblivious to threat of war. The No Place Like Home Ride that shoots you over the white picket fence referring to our current immigration issues, The Inferno H2O area that addresses our water crisis, and most importantly the Hamster Wheel that we all seem to be stuck on.

Katy Perry then sits down in the theater and notices Skip Marley and that he is way different than everyone else. She realizes that she too can be different and not follow the norm. You then see her get on the hamster wheel, but instead of falling off it, she stops it.

We need to realize that we are all distracted by what’s going on, but we forget to do something about it. Be different, be the change, take your rose colored glasses off, stop the wheel.

Check out the video here!

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